Everett Pacific Industrial Rehabilitation

EPI Rehab

We scientifically analyze the effects of injury through functional capacity exams, biomechanical analysis, and work physiology. We are a leader and innovator in clinical research, objective methods, and protocols designed for effective evaluation and treatment of injuries.

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Functional Capacity Evaluation

We evaluate the individual's physical and funcitonal abilities based on our scientific Hard Data Protocol process.

BEC Biomechanical®

Under the BEC Biomechanical® name, our experts analyze video footage of individuals to highlight relevant video evidence.

FCE Oversight Review - The Becker Method®

Using The Becker Method, EPI Rehab gives you a professional review and critique of an FCE, FCA or PBPCE.

Latest Research

The Prevalence of "Own-Design" Functional Capacity Evaluation in Regards to Work Physiology

Our research shows the problems with other FCEs and what to be aware of in your FCEs

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Analyzing the Effects of Injury®

EPI Rehab applies scientific based testing, assesment, and analysis to injuries. We tell you the extent of the disability of your client and we are able to provide exhibits that will convince a jury and enable you to win your case. Our objective analysis makes it easy for a judge or jury to understand what physical disabilities that person has.

Hard Data Protocol®

While many rehabilitation facilities rely on outside software providers to dictate their concepts of testing, EPI Rehabilitation has scientifically developed protocols which are objective and quantified. This process is the 'Hard Data Protocol®' which is also applied to the return to work rehabilitation services developed from the extensive research and expertise of
Dr. Theodore J. Becker, PhD.