BEC Biomechanical® - Video Analysis

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BEC Biomechanical® offers expert, data-based conclusions from your surveillance video. The BEC Biomechanical® HDP® Hard Data Protocol process consolidates surveillance video to the important images that “tell the story” better than a lengthy report. The analysis is scientifically definitive and defensible.

Science for Surveillance®

Our HDP® Hard Data Protocol process is factual, and objective. There are no “wishy/washy” or subjective opinions.

Our analysis substantially reduces reviewer time/expense by eliminating hours of needless videotape review. The reviewer gets a “picture worth a 1000 words.”

Key benefits:

  • Takes subjectivity out of evaluation by providing quantitative information to explain an individual’s ability to perform work tasks
  • Scientifically demonstrates the impact of an injury on work-related postures/positions
  • Saves time and money by identifying high value images for quick/easy review by medical or legal professionals
  • Turns surveillance tapes into evidence-based, scientific exhibit material and disability analysis make his expert testimony both definitive and understandable.
  • Maximizes impact of surveillance expenditures